E3 2011 - Big 3 Ready to shine?

E3 2011 - Big 3 Ready to shine?

Postby thebigb59 » Mon May 16, 2011 2:19 pm

E3 is just a few weeks away now and rumours are circling about what you can expect to happen. So why does this event bring with it so much hype, well basically its the top event for showing off your games, consoles etc. Its the most watched event with tons of major gaming news sites covering press conferences and major game announcements.

Lets do a run down of what will possibly be announced at E3, starting with the console makers.


Nintendo will most likely start the event as the first conference, the one confirmed thing that they will be showing is Project Cafe, the first of the Eighth Generation Consoles. This will be our first look at what Nintendo think we will want to be gaming on next year when its released, yes that's right next year. Mostly likely will take the time to announce 2 to 3 release titles, one of which will be a mario game (can't blame them), pricing will be unlikely, all those type of details might be reserved for the Tokyo Game Show at the end of the year. They will show more wii games, including a new Zelda title announced last year as the Skyward Sword. Other than their new console, Nintendo most likely will take the time to show off their platforms, DS to wii.


Microsoft will be very Kinect top heavy this year, pushing their "You are the Controller" wares on people, rumours have it that they might announce a new Xbox this year but Microsoft themselves said "A new console is unlikely" but they have been know to spring a surprise or two, like last years COD DLC exclusive deal. They will show more Gears 3 Footage, trailers of Alan Wake 2, Forza 4. With MS purchase of Skype, a new system on xbl might be announced, though unlikely. Possible show stealer, a new Halo Game or MW3 exclusive content announced. MS didn't have the best of shows last year, so will be making sure their not left behind by Nintendo's new console.


Sony will first be saying sorry what happened with PSN, that much you can be really sure of. Confirmed will be the showing of the NGP (PSP2), with what games it will be supporting and as its Sony, pricing will be there. Many people in the gaming industry think it will be priced in $250 bracket around £300. Sony will be raining down their Exclusives this year, Uncharted 3, StarHawk, Resistance 3, Agent, Twisted Metal are just a few that will be shown. Again like MS, rumours of new PS4 being shown, but very very unlikely. More move support games, there is also meant to be a big announcement this year for a Exclusive title to the PS3, from a 3rd party developer. Some say its Epic with a Gears of War style series, others EA with an new game. One thing that might shock people is if Bobby Kotick walks out and announces a PS3 exclusive game, hell they did bring Gabe Newell out last year to announce Portal 2.

Game Developers

Electronic Arts

EA had a big year last year profits wise and content wise, with several of their games breaking into the top ten best selling games and winning numerous awards. Mass Effect 3 gameplay will be top of the list, along with Battlefield 3 Multiplayer. A possible announcement of the BF3 beta and a release date are just some of the rumours surrounding EA. EA will show of their next year sports lines, including maybe a new MLB game, if 2k sports lose the license. Bioware will also be there to show off more of the Old Republic Star Wars MMORPG with a release date. EA could steal the show this year if Respawn announce their next title. Rumoured to be shown, Mirror Edge 2 and Medal of Honor 2.


Ubisoft had a good year themselves, however their press conferences over the years have become really annoying. They will show more Ghost Recon Gameplay, a possible Assassins Creed Revelations Gameplay or beta announcement. Rumours that a new Splinter Cell game will be announced, along with another Rainbow 6 Game might help Ubisoft take on EA for best of the rest this year. Ubisoft might also be the first 3rd party developer to announce a game for Project Cafe.


Activision will defintely be announcing Modern Warfare 3, gameplay most likely will be shown and what if anything the 3 developers will be doing. More details will be given about Project Beach (The COD MMO) and a possible announcement of what Bungie will be bringing to the party. Activision will take the time to announce something exclusive to MS again.

Square Enix

Square wont be going quietly this year, they will come with announcements of a confirmed release date for Final Fantasy XII-2, Hitman 5, Tomb Raider. Rumours have them announcing an Exclusive deal with Sony for Final Fantasy XV and a release date for Versus Final Fantasy XIII. Of course every year people say they will announce the remake of Final Fantasy VII, but I don't think they will.


THQ might have a quiet E3 this year, you will see gameplay for UFC Trainer, Raw vs Smackdown 2011, Warhammer 40,000: Space Maines and their big titles Red Faction and Saints Rows 3.

Rockstar/Take 2

Take 2 will take the time to announce Rockstar Games latest Grand Theft Auto offering, rumour have it that they might also confirm another Red Dead Game.


Not really sure what Codemasters might show, other than Dirt 3, possible they could be showing off Grid 2

So there you have it, Pre-E3 rounded up, during E3 I will be doing my normal coverage of the big press conferences, including waiting up and sitting through the Ubisoft one. All the big announcements, you will be first to hear it.

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Re: E3 2011 - Big 3 Ready to shine?

Postby Pauly » Fri May 20, 2011 4:10 am

Another thing Codemasters may be showing off is their recent year to year series, F1. 2010 was a decent seller, enough to warrant a sequel. I'm sure they will show the improvements from the last game to this one.
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