Box Office Material: Soul Blade

Box Office Material: Soul Blade

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Box Office Material

Soul Blade

Many people are familiar with the highly successful Soul Calibur series of weapon based fighting games. Less well known, however, is the predecessor to the ‘Calibur’ series, a PS1 title by the name of ‘Soul Blade’. Less polished than its Calibur brethren, it is still a remarkable fighting game and has the best story mode of the Soul series to date, in my opinion.

Over the years, I’ve accrued many, many hours of flashy combat in Soul Blade. But the one thing that stands out above all else, is the impeccable introduction sequence. Particularly for a sword-fancier such as myself, the battle sequences shown, enhanced by the excellent backing track Edge of Soul (which, being the massive nerd that I am, I have on my iPod), make for a thoroughly enjoyable introduction movie that I can remember perfectly to this day. The images of the lone Samurai and favourite character, Heishiro Mitsurugi, cutting down those he was ambushed by, always stuck with me. Scenes of castle sieges, pensive boating, demon slaying, skeletal pirates... Every single one stuck with me. I grew to love characters simply from their few seconds of introduction footage, making them look truly awesome. The graphics are also phenomenal for a PS1 effort.

“Transcending history and the world, a tale of soul and swords, eternally retoldâ€
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