Box Office Material: Onimusha 3

Box Office Material: Onimusha 3

Postby Musashi1596 » Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:10 pm

The introduction to Onimusha 3: Demon Siege remains outstanding to this day. The Onimusha trilogy (I do not count Dawn of Dreams as canonical) has always had spectacular cinematics, and was revered for it’s graphical quality amongst other things. It’s difficult to select this as the ‘best’ intro, as they are all impeccable, but watching this particular intro is an experience that I will not shortly forget. You could almost be watching a film.

It begins by giving you a brief outline of the ‘current’ events within the series’ alternate timeline, set in Feudal Japan. It then opens up to display a huge Genma war machine, lumbering heavily across the landscape. A lone figure, dressed as a ninja, can be seen quietly infiltrating through an admittedly suspect hole. His back pressed against a wall, we can see the ‘guards’, putrid Genma foot soldiers in ragged clothes and wielding old weapons.

He gets spotted by an insect-like Genma, which he quickly dispatches, but he is quickly approached by the guards, who outnumber him significantly. He breaks through a wall, and displays some impressive swordplay in taking them down, releasing their souls before absorbing them with the Oni gauntlet upon his wrist, giving an indication of his identity as a former protagonist.

Morphing his sword into the ’Enryuu’ form of the first game, he sweeps it in an arc of flame to put down several more foes. As he escapes up the stairway, we get another view of the sheer size of the apparently organic war machine, which creates an interesting juxtaposition to the archaic, traditional interiors.

Backed up against a wall, the figure jumps off the side wall to kick some of his attackers, ending up hanging precariously off the edge of the window, a winged Genma bearing down on him quickly. He avoids and propels himself off the assailant, who then attacks the foot soldiers, unable to make the distinction between friend and foe.

Entering the centre of the structure, he finds himself blocked by two huge guards. As he fights both at once, his mask is torn off, revealing the familiar face of Samonosuke Akechi, played by one Takeshi Kaneshiro. The fight continues at breathtaking pace, until the arrival of another figure, Garuganto. The duel is imminent. After some of the most impressive swordplay ever seen in videogames, and a scene that single- handedly puts many martial arts films to shame, he destroys the organic ‘engine’ of the machine, effectively destroying it. Leaping to his safety, he summons the Shippuu, breaking his fall by creating a whirlwind.

The destruction of this machine is truly an amazing sight, showcasing the amazing power of the PS2 and the effects it could produce. He gets to his feet, and finds Garuganto still ready to fight. Using the power of the Oni gauntlet, he absorbs the souls of the dead Genma around him, enough to turn into his super powered Oni form. The two fighters prepare to face off once again. In stark contrast to the elaborate nature of the last fight, Garuganto is no match for the raw power of the Oni form, and his Predator-esque goodbye grabs the attention of the demonic Nobunaga.

The final sequence briefly shows us a short, stylised presentation of the two main characters, giving a great finish to an amazing introduction that puts most modern games to shame. You owe it to yourself to watch it. ... re=related
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