Cristina's Missions Glitch

Cristina's Missions Glitch

Postby jdot07 » Thu Dec 30, 2010 3:15 am

Just a heads up to anyone playing AC:B that alot of gamers, including myself have had some trouble with getting stuck in Florence after completing one of Cristina's Missions and not being able to get back to Rome, this glitch seems to be the same as the one that has stop some gamers from re-entering the animus after leaving it to roam around modern day Monteriggioni, so to anyone who has not started the Cristina Mission you may wanna give them a miss till a patch has been released or leave them till last.

To anyone who has been caught by the glitch and stuck in Florence there is a way back to Rome (Below) but only as a Memory Replay which means you can't look at the DNA sequence file and main missions may be effected if storyline has not been completed before hand but side missions shouldn't be effected and you will still be able to collect Feathers, Flags and treasure.

Way back to Rome

While in Florence press the Start button and select one of Cristina's Missions in DNA sequence file, once selected and asked if you Accept or Decline press Decline and the game should take you back to Rome but as i said above only as a Memory Replay.

As of now i am unaware of a true solution or when a patch will be released but when i find any news i'll be sure to post here for anyone this may help.
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