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Nintendo Channel Relaunched

Postby jdot07 » Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:36 pm

Nintendo of America on Monday took one big step toward bettering the online and community experience for Wii users. The publisher revealed that starting today gamers can download (for free) a new and improved version of the Nintendo Channel.

All the features of the previous iteration, including streaming videos and downloadable DS games, will remain. However, there are some notable improvements.

"Some of the upgrades include higher-quality streaming videos, lists of top games that other viewers recommend and a new ability to rate and recommend Nintendo DS games," Nintendo stated.

Perhaps the biggest news, though, is the arrival of Nintendo Week, a new hosted show about "... what\'s happening in the world of Nintendo." The first episode, available today, features a look at Mario and Luigi: Bowser\'s Inside Story, an interview with the developer of Guitar Hero 5, coverage of DSi and WiiWare games, and "other surprises."

What are you waiting for? Boot up your Wii, head over to the Shop Channel and download away.
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