Nintendo Power confirms Mega Man 10 for WiiWare!

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Nintendo Power confirms Mega Man 10 for WiiWare!

Postby thereaper21 » Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:48 pm

- Mega Man is looking for a vaccine-making device to fight the \'Robotenza\', which causes robots to overheat and go crazy
- play as Proto Man right from the start
- third playable character yet to be revealed
- computer-themed stage with mouse pointer enemies that draw boxes to throw at you, color-changing disappearing blocks, power treadmills and more
- lava level, vertically oriented, lava pools, block shaped enemies that can duplicate themselves, conveyor belts that push you down
- Sheep Man: turns into 4 clouds that hover above and attack with lightning, earn Thunder Wool for lightning attacks
- features an easy mode

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