A Beginner's Guide to Co-Op

A Beginner's Guide to Co-Op

Postby Musashi1596 » Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:44 pm

I'm a beginner myself with regards to co-op, but my experience from SP can be helpful. This info won't be of much use to vets but if you're new to Mass Effect, listen up. As I play more MP I'll make relevant updates.
Edit: Indenting or adding spaces doesn't seem to show up properly so the classes section is a bit crushed together, I'll work on making it more presentable.

Basic Notes
Spoiler: show
States of Protection
Enemies have several states depending on how they are protected. Each type of protection is damaged through different means and understanding how to take them down quickly is vital to success. The type of protection can be seen when an enemy is aimed at. The types are as follows;
*No Protection 'Health' is displayed when viewed.

Pay attention to what your ability is effective against before you use it on an enemy or you'll waste it.

Each character class has a different weight allowance. Regardless of your class you can only carry two weapons (of any type), but if you select two heavy weapons then your performance may be impacted. At 50% encumbrance there is no effect, but if you carry more than that, the speed at which your abilities rehcarge is slowed accordingly. Likewise, travelling lightly will increase your recharge rate.

Character Classes
Spoiler: show
There's a total of six character classes to choose from, each specialising in different abilities. This is a lis of abilities available to you initially and does not yet include those unlocked further down the line. Generally only Humans are initially available.
Adepts are biotic specialists, meaning that their strength is in their abilities rather than their proficiency with weapons. Adepts have the joint lowest weight capacity.
Human adepts have access to Singularity, Warp and Shockwave.
Singularity is only effective against unprotected targets, meaning that when you aim at them it displays 'health'. This ability pulls in targets and levitates them, rendering them temporarily harmless, and vulnerable to gunfire or other abilities. Helpful if someone is hiding behind cover.
Warp is effective against armoured targets, damaging or destroying it depending on how evolved your ability is. Use this on targets like the large Atlas mechs. It also prevents enemies from regenerating health.
Shockwave is effective against unprotected targets, and stuns shielded targets. This sends forth a blast that ignores obstacles and propels targets into the air; useful for targets behind cover. The wave always originates from your character, in a linear pattern.

Asari adepts have Stasis, Warp and Throw.
Stasis is effective against all targets. It freezes targets temporarily, rendering them completely unable to act, but they also cannot be damaged during this period. It will not damage them but they will be more vulnerable to damage briefly after the stasis field disappears. Use on dangerous, protected enemies that you don't have time to deal with immediately.
Throw is effective against unprotected targets. It puhes your enemy back and is mainly used to keep them at a distance. Best used in conjunction with other abilities like Singularity.

Drell adepts have access to Reave, Pull and Cluster Grenade.
Reave is effective against unshielded targets. Damages armour and barriers, and gives the player a health boost if used against unarmoured targets. Valuable for its flexibility.
Pull is effective against unprotected targets. It pulls your enemy towards you slowly, keeping them suspended in the air and vulnerable. Similar to Singularity but slightly damages protected targets. Can also pull away Guardian shields.
Cluster Grenade is moderately effective against all targets. A grenade that splits up into smaller bomblets before detonation. Use sparingly and against groups.

Soldiers are weapon and combat specialists. Decent all round characters, but they generally lack the ability to reliably destroy enemy protection without relying on gunfire. They also have the highest weight capacity.
Human soldiers have access to Adrenaline Rush, Concussive Shot and Frag Grenade.
Adrenaline Rush is a passive ability which briefly increases your weapon damage. Also restores the thermal clip in use to maximum capacity; used wisely it can significantly prolong your ammo reserves.
Concussive Shot is effective against unprotected targets. This fires a burst of force at a target, knocking them down and dealing damage. Useful for its fast reload time and potential to interrupt targets.
Frag Grenade is moderately effective against all targets. A standard grenade. Limited supply so use wisely.

Krogan soldiers have Carnage, Fortification and Inferno Grenade. They should also be noted for their high endurance.
Carnage is effective against unprotected and armoured targets, moderately effective against shielded and barriered targets. A projectile that causes significant damage. Effective, but slow recharge. Can cause burning targets to explode. Try using in combination with inflammatory abilities.
Fortification is a passive ability. It grants increased shield protection at the cost of slower recharge times for your abilities. Invaluable for close quarters fighting.
Inferno Grenade is effective against armoured targets, and moderately effective against unarmoured targets. Like Cluster Grenade but with an incendiary effect. Potentially damaging to teammates (needs confirming).

Turian soldiers have Marksman, Concussive Shot and Proximity Mine.
Marksman is a passive ability that briefly increases the rate of fire and accuracy for weapons. Only really effective if you favour fully-auto weapons.
Proximity Mine is mildly effective against all targets. Mine that explodes on enemy approach. While not very damaging, it has a very fast recharge speed, and when used in number it can be very effective for protecting areas. Can be used as a makeshift grenade.

Engineers are useful support troops. Their abilities allow them to take down most forms of protection, and also attack indirectly. Has the lowest weight capacity along with the Adept.
Human Engineers have Incinerate, Overload and Combat Drone.
Incinerate is effective against armoured and mildly effective against other targets. This burns and damages targets, destroying armour and preventing health regeneration. Will detonate flamethrowers.
Overload is effective against shielded targets and synthetic enemies. Discharges an electrical current that destroys shields. Also detonates flamethrowers.
Combat Drone is a passive ability that creates a temporary, independant drone that serves to distract enemies, while stunning them and damaging their shields. Only one may be active at a time. Invaluable for distracting powerful enemies.

Quarian Engineers have Incinerate, Cryo Blast and Sentry Turret.
Cryo Blast is effective against unprotected targets, and mildly effective against unprotected targets. Freezes the unprotected, and slows the protected. Useful in conjunction with biotic powers like Throw, which may shatter a frozen target.
Sentry Turret is a passive ability that deploys a fixed turret. Deployed as if you were throwing a grenade. Useful to protect an area or serve as a distraction.

Salarian Engineers have Incinerate, Energy Drain and Decoy.
Energy Drain is effective against shielded enemies and moderately effective against barriered, armoured and synthetic enemies. Drains enemy protection to boost your own shield, very handy if you're in a tight spot against protected enemies.
Decoy is a passive ability that creates a temporary replica of your character to draw enemy fire.

Sentinels are the 'tank' characters, but are also often equipped well to destroy enemy protection. Competence with weapons makes them suitable for both offense and defence, but has a lower weight capacity than the Soldier.
Human Sentinels have Throw, Warp and Tech Armour.
Tech Armour is a passive ability that boosts the player's shields. When this boost is depleted, energy is discharged that damages nearby enemies. Well suited for close quarters.

Turian Sentinels have Warp, Overload and Tech Armour.

Krogan Sentinels have Incinerate, Lift Grenade and Tech Armor, and are probably the best choice for close-quarters characters.
Lift Grenade is moderately effective against all targets. Damages targets and flings them into the air.

Infiltrators are the stealth class, and are best used for flanking enemies. Best equipped with a sniper rifle. Weight capacity is initially low, can be upgraded to average.
Human Infiltrators have Sticky Grenade, Tactical Cloak and Cryo Blast.
Sticky Grenade is moderately effective against all targets. Sticks to the first surface it hits. Can be used with Tactical Cloak.
Tactical Cloak is a passive ability that renders the player invisible. Grants a damage bonus to weapons but prevents power usage, as well as health and shield regeneration.

Salarian Infiltrators have Energy Drain, Tactical Cloak and Proximity Mine.

Quarian Infiltrators have Sticky Grenade, Tactical Cloak and Sabotage.
Sabotage is effective against synthetics, and moderately effective against weapon-using targets. Can control or otherwise disrupt synthetic targets, and cause misfires in enemy weapons, damaging and briefly disarming them. Very effective against Atlas mechs.

Vanguards are the 'Glass Cannons'; front line troops with high damage outputs but low damage tolerance. Best used at close range; high risk, high reward. Weight capacity is in league with the Infiltrator.
Human Vanguards have Biotic Charge, Shockwave and Nova.
Biotic Charge is moderately effective against all targets. This causes the player to charge forward and slam into enemies with devastating force. Ignores obstacles between you and the target.
Nova is effective against all targets. Expends your current armour to cause a blast, damaging nearby enemies and flinging them into the air.

Drell Vanguards have Biotic Charge, Pull and Cluster Grenade.

Asari Vanguards have Biotic Charge, Stasis and Lift Grenade.

General Enemy Hints
Spoiler: show
Mass Effect 3's co-op gives you the option to select the enemy you are to face, if you wish. If you choose to fight a particular type, bear this in mind when you select your character.

For Cerberus, you'll want a mix of anti-shield and anti-armour (or anti-synthetic) capability. Biotics are seen on the dangerous Phantom enemies, but their main defensive ability is evasion and they are relatively rare. The majority of protected Cerberus units use shielding, generally seen on Centurians, Combat Engineers and Nemesis snipers. Turrets constructed by Combat Engineers have two layers of protection, a shield followed by armour. Anti-armour/synthetic is mainly important for the Atlas mechs, which are dangerous if accompanied. Armour piercing can help destroy shield-toting Guardians but you can also shoot through the visibility slot without much trouble.

Focus on anti-synthetic and andi-shield abilities for the Geth, with a lesser focus on anti-armour. Overload is particularly useful. Most Geth enemies use shields, and some (like Geth Prime) use armour as well. Geth Pyros are also armoured, but it is possible to detonate their flamethrowers.

Reapers require the most balanced approach. Anti-armour abilities and anti-synthetic are the most effective, but anti-barrier and to a lesser extent anti-shield are both necessary, and anti-regeneration is useful too. Close quarters capacity is essential for fighting Husks, and biotic abilities like Throw are very useful. Cannibals are not protected but can regenerate health, and should be killed quickly so that they cannot power up, or make use of their ability to fire grenades. Marauders are shielded, and can provide barrier support to Husks so should be a primary target. Ravagers are armoured and lethal at long range; they can be killed more easily at close range but watch out for the swarmers it releases. Banshees are dangerous enemies, able to charge you and protected by barriers and armour. They possess a nasty instant kill grab attack, but note that this can be interrupted with a sticky grenade. Finally, Brutes are heavily armoured. Hard hitting but cumbersome, if played correctly they aren't too great a threat. Just don't get trapped by one.
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Re: A Beginner's Guide to Co-Op

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Very useful Mushy, thankyou.
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Re: A Beginner's Guide to Co-Op

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Good shit Mushi.
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