Mass Effect 1 Guides

Mass Effect 1 Guides

Postby thebigb59 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:01 pm

We all know that the first game is now out on PSN, so here are some guides that will assist you, including a mortality guide so you can be nice Shepard or evil Shepard.

General Walkthrough (story) -

Assignments (side quests) -

Planet Guide (Mass Effect didn't have a scaning system, you went down to the planets) - ... stem_Guide

Morality Guide -

The Musashi Guide - ... ment_Guide

XP tip - If you arrive on a planet and you encounter a thresher maw, use the mako to damage it then get out and kill it, you earn the xp for doing it, using the mako halves the xp you would be awarded, also if the mako is destroyed its game over, so tread carefully on insane!
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