News on Mass Effect 4

News on Mass Effect 4

Postby goob876 » Tue Oct 14, 2014 4:00 am

I'm 2 months late on this but I thought it might interest some of you. BioWare released some more info on ME4 at their Comic-Con panel. So far I think they've gone in the right direction for the most part.

They announced that the story will take place during the trilogy which I think is the best option they could have gone with. A sequel would only interest me to find out about the aftermath of the war but the plot would probably be underwhelming compared to the trilogy. The same goes for a prequel since they can only choose between a few major events such as the first contact war or the rachni war. Although it is almost certain that ME4's plot will not compare to the trilogy's, I still think that they chose the right path. It could expand on the story of the reapers, maybe we could see how other areas of the galaxy were impacted. The war against the reapers was the most interesting event in the Mass Effect universe.

They are also reintroducing the Mako. Most people hated these missions in ME1 so they better get it right this time or else the game is gonna suffer majorly. They showed some footage of it ( and it looks like they improved its handling but only time will tell if the actual gameplay will be improved.

They also showed some concept art on the main character's model. He/she will be human and part of N7 again. Looks like you can't choose to be a different race like some people wanted.

Finally, they talked about multiplayer and said how they are focusing mainly on co-op. They did not deny the possibility of PvP which in my opinion would not work with ME3's combat. They could, and hopefully did, improve combat but even then I doubt it would be a good idea to make a PvP mode.

That's pretty much it, can't wait for the game to release.
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Re: News on Mass Effect 4

Postby jloco11 » Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:54 pm

I figured they would either do the Contact War, or they would fast forward ahead a couple hundred/thousand years to find a new enemy.
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