Re: E3 HYPE!!

Postby Arnold Sideways » Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:32 pm

Late to the party I know:

Ubisoft's announcement that they're finally seriously working on a sequel (think technically it's a prequel) to Beyond Good and Evil got me super pumped. BG&E is one of my favourite games of all time (top 5 probably) and ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. A prequel won't address that, but it gives me hope. Really just hoping that it's not too different to the first one; I'll cry if it becomes a third person cover to cover shooter.

Nintendo predictably had very little, and I'd have said it was the worst one out of all of them but for the fact that they announced that they're developing Metroid Prime 4 for the Switch. Nintendo finally listens to its fans and gives us what we want. If it's good it's a system seller for me.

Devolver Digital was a ride from start to end.

I liked the format of Sony's conference. Back to back trailers with no awkward talky bits. I didn't really care for any of the games on display though, not much there that interested me or got me excited. Spiderman looks neat, looks more like the PS2 one that I seem to remember enjoying way back in the day, but that was about it.

MS seemed to have a decent line-up (better than Sony's for me), but I tapped out at the "40 billion transistors" dick swinging that they were doing. XBOX ONE X will inevitably get shortened to XBONEX, which looks like a gamertag from the late noughties, and we'll probably have to pay out of our arse for one in the UK.

I quite enjoyed EA's once they stopped with the sports.

The less said about the Skyrim press conference the better.
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Re: E3 HYPE!!

Postby a3grlmreaper » Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:54 pm

Playstation is currently doing another E3 live stream... no idea what it is yet, it just started and the title only says Live from E3 Day 3
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Re: E3 HYPE!!

Postby Musashi1596 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:06 pm

I can't believe I only just found out how goddamn amazing Devolver Digital's presentation was
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