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Postby jloco11 » Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:24 pm

So I finished the campaign... and although this is a MP thread, I didn't want to create a new thread for it since it's probably not necessary.

The Good
- Decent variety in the missions besides just shooting everything. Had some space missions, a little stealth, a touch of vehicle action, and all in a short campaign.
- Some unique features to the guns like the Sniper/Assault rifle combo, as well as the OWL being a decent gadget to use
- Graphics were quite stunning and crisp. Game ran smooth which is a plus.

The Bad
- Horrible story.... just insanely stupid from the beginning premise to the end.
- Hard to find objectives at time. The game TELLS you to do something, but leaves in the dark as to how it gets done
- The AI is starting to show it's age. KZ2 had amazing AI at the time, but it feels the same since then as other games have improved their AI. GG needs to step up their game in the AI department since they were the company that forced other games to improve their AI.

As for the storyline:

Spoiler: show
Right from the start, the implausibility started. At the end of KZ3, Helghan gets fucked up from the petruscite bombs. Who created the bombs? The Helghan! To use on the ISA. However their play backfired, it was used against them and now they blame the ISA for destroying their planet? Really???? Irrational people much? That's like bringing a knife to a fight, someone pushes you to the floor and you stab yourself with your own knife! Fucking idiots.

So the solution was a treaty to allow the surviving Helghan to move to Vekta. Now, in any realistic war scenario, the losing side that ultimately surrenders, is going to have to give up their army. They're not going to be 100% armed to the teeth once again, and will be stripped down in size to make sure an uprising doesn't occur out of butthurt for a surrender. Did it happen in this game???? Of course not! They were allowed to move to Vektan, take half the planet for their own and still bring massive military might with them!

Then for the master plan, Stahl and Tyran want to destroy Vektan. Let me get this straight... you fucked up once and blew up your own planet. Now you want to blow up the ONLY OTHER PLACE YOU CAN LIVE, just because you want revenge? Can they make the Helghan anymore irrational in the game?

Naturally the ISA want to fight back, but realistically, you had the chance to deny them a spot on your planet in the first place. In doing so, their race dies off. Seeing how irrational they are, why make the rational compromise with people who's only motivation so far has been to kill Vektans? More implausibility in the game.

Finally we get to Sinclair. Kellen must have done plenty of missions for him, enough to earn title of Shadow Marshall, and twice did missions on the Helghan side of the wall. Now that he was freed from captivity by Echo, at no point does Sinclair listen to reason. "Hey Kellen, how did you survive!" "Oh some chick helped me." "Fantastic.... kill her!". Logic.

The final WTF moment was seeing Stahl rebuild an army on Helghan (I thought the planet was nuked?) Magically, they have another army! And once again the ISA go over there to fight, because that worked out so well the first time, didn't it! You allowed a race who only wants to fight you onto your planet, without disarming them in the treaty. You never checked the viability of their planet and whether or not they're still able to make arms on their original planet. NOW, you want to go back there and continue fighting them, when they're also fighting you on your home planet.

Makes total sense.... when you bash your head against the wall for 2 hours!
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Re: Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer

Postby Lieutenant Fatman » Fri Aug 08, 2014 6:51 pm

Yes, I really enjoyed the story for KZ 2 & 3, I rate them highly, but this one, I'm only a couple of hours in but it just feels ridiculous in so many ways. Not sure what the hell happened, but it just doesn't work and as a consequence I didn't feel immersed at all, got bored and stopped playing it. Very disappointing. And the characters from the previous two games were quite fun, but in this one, not so much.

And the lack of a co-op split screen option just makes it even worse. That was one of my favourite parts of the original games. Gutted as I was genuinely excited for this when it was announced and they ended up taking away half the stuff I thought made it great.
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