Thoughts on the "Crap Ops 3" Multiplayer beta

Thoughts on the "Crap Ops 3" Multiplayer beta

Postby Infernothefox » Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:06 pm

The title is pretty much for Jloco and how much he tears Treyarch and Vonderharr a new asshole, after the youtube auditer of course.

Anyways, I wanted to make a topic to see what everyone thinks of the Beta and see if we can agree on stuff we like or dislike, or end up having the thread collapse with a all out war in comments about overpowered shit and all that. Either way, leave your opinions below.

Things I liked:

The flow of the game: It definitely feels at home for a run and gunner. The boost jumping and wall running gimmicks are pretty much optional means of getting around the map (unlike AW in most area's), and it's rarely broken by bullshit physics or map geometry. Sure you get the odd camper, but what's a CoD game without campers? oh wait, CoD 4 back in the day.

No more panic knives: Fucking hell, how long have people been complaining about the 1 button win in close quarters gun fights. I'd be rich if I had a penny for every panic knifer I've complained about. The whole gun smack mechanic works great in maintaining balanced gunfights in close proximities (bearing in mind they're using SMG's or AR's), reducing the amount of panic melee's. It also means you have to use a slot to carry a combat knife.

Useful scorestreaks: Thank god I don't have a RC peashooter following me around wherever I go. The scorestreaks I used were awesome in the Beta. UAV is always useful for helping your team, Hellstorm missile rains explosive death over a quarter of the map, and the raptor is the love child of a Escort drone from CO2 and the overpowered mutt from Ghosts.

Things that weren't as well received:

Specialists: I know Jloco covered this in a video, but some of the specialists are blatant copycats from destiny, and one is just "Why". For starters, we have the gravity spikes. Yeah, totally not like the Titan smash... then there's the Annihilator revolver, which is pretty much a golden gun, and then we get to "the return of second chance" where you can revive yourself and keep gunning away. Not even the patch for the XB1 version satisfied people. Sure, you lose all your streak points, but you're still alive and kicking. Just wait until we find out about the secret 10th specialist with Bowie knives and commando lunge...

Overpowered shotguns: What is a CoD game without a overpowered shotgun. A good game! Joking aside, the beta did have 2 OP shotguns. The R870 2.0, and the S12's steroid induced brother (KRM 288 and the Haymaker for those who don't know what I'm on about). The KRM is a bit too good, considering it's got high damage, considerable range and a smart choke when you ADS. You could 1 shot a guy at mid SMG range. But the Haymaker just says "F.A.T.S" and has the most disgusting range for a full auto shotgun. Seriously, you look at video's for that weapon being used and you find a way to tell me that the Haymaker is balanced.

Matchmaking: It's a improvement over AW in my opinion... but it's still not perfect. I played a fair number of games, and it always had a set of kids who downloaded the beta just because they saw it recommended to them, being paired up with and against, long time experienced cod players. The matches boiled down to who had less dumbasses on their team. I know things would be a lot more balanced come November when the game releases, but I don't want to be going 24/6 with a retard on the same team going 1/19

Feel free to have your say about the beta, and hopefully we can actually get a decent game out of this. After all, they've had 3 fucking years to work on this shit.
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Re: Thoughts on the "Crap Ops 3" Multiplayer beta

Postby jloco11 » Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:41 pm

I feel like in 3 years, they created wall running! Holy shit, 3 whole fucking years of development and the only new mechanic is wall running!
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Re: Thoughts on the "Crap Ops 3" Multiplayer beta

Postby GoD_GraveDancer » Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:12 am

Nice review.

I havent played a COD since BO2. The beta was pretty much what I expected - a BO2 feel with a little more pizzazz. I only got in a few games, but enjoyed it for the most part. I'll be playing it come November. Looking forward to the new Nuketown.
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