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jack_t_lad - Moderator

Postby Gosu360 » Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:26 am


Username - jack_t_lad
Forum role - Mod
Real name - Pope Innocent III
Family/Children - Nope
Lives - Sheffield, Uk
Job - Payroll

Fav Console(s) - PS3, Atari 2600 :roll:
Fav games - Final Fantasy VII, Football Manager, Total War series
Game(s) most looking forward to- Battlefield 3
Fav video game character - Cait Sith
Fav arcade machine - The original Star Wars from way back in the day
Fav band(s) - Stone Roses
Fav songs - Straight to Hell - The Clash, Mersey Paradise - Stone Roses, Rain - The Beatles, Loaded - Primal Scream
Football team - Oh Manchester,
Oh Manchester, Oh Manchester,
Oh Manchester is wonderful,
It\'s full of t*ts, fanny, and United,
Oh Manchester is wonderful.
Fav Movies - Blade Runner, Dr Strangelove, Kagemusha
Fav cities - Paris, London
Fav items of clothing - Harrington, Desert boots.
Car or Bike - Neither - I don't drive anymore
Role models - My dad for passing on the art of being a loveable twat :wink:
The future? - Don't think about it
Describe yourself - Miserable yet loveable twat
Lifestyle - I've got lazyitis
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