My trip to the Capital Wasteland

My trip to the Capital Wasteland

Postby Musashi1596 » Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:58 am

So I've been playing a lot of Fallout 1&2 lately (one then the other mind, not both at the same time. That's just crazy) and I've been getting pretty absorbed into the story of the Fallout universe again. So, I figured I'd pay another visit to their current gen cousins, armed with new knowledge, and see how it went. My plan was to try and survive as long as possible without saving or visiting a major settlement, just roaming around. I tried New Vegas first, but I'd barely killed a few geckos before the game froze on me, so that was the end of that.

So today, I booted up Fallout 3. Interestingly, thanks to the PSN blackout, my trophies messed up and my Fallout 3 plat sorta disappeared, fresh trophy list in its place. I'll hopefully get them back. But, anyway, the sensation of stepping out of the vault for the first time was no less powerful than it was the first time around. I'd managed to grab a couple of 10mm pistols from the vault, along with security armour and a baseball bat. Ready for anything, I marched on.

It was quite quiet for a while, so I decided to visit the same place that I first did when I first played the game, the Springvale school. Already knowing what was there took the shine off a little, but I managed to smash my way through with little trouble. I had stuck with the bat for the most part, I quickly realised how unreliable guns are when your skills are so low. After liberating an assault rifle from the ant-filled mines below the school, I opted to head south.

That was when I came across little Bryan Wilks on the run from Grayditch. Being the nice chap I am, I offered to go and sort things out for him. Taking position by Dot's Diner (which I really hope is a reference to ReBoot) I blasted away at those pesky fire ants with my little 10mm pistol, confident that the 100 or so rounds I'd gathered would be enough. Turns out it wasn't, and after getting mildly toasted when I ran out of ammo, I switched to my even littler .32 revolver and carried on blasting. Ran out of ammo for that too, and took the last ones out with my assault rifle. So I had about two bullets left to my name, not promising. But would you believe it, little Bryan's Dad just happened to keep a Chinese assault rifle and shitloads of ammo on a bookshelf in his living room. Things were looking up!

On my trip South I emptied a couple of clips into raiders for looking at me funny like, and my stimpack situation wasn't brilliant. Approaching the lamplight area, I could hear gunfire at a distance. Sighting the pesky chaps responsible, I took potshots at them. Maybe one hit in ten actually made contact, with my measly 55 Small Guns skill. Getting closer and using the buildings for cover, I realised too late that the shit was en route to the fan, being tipped off when a rocket flew by my head. I managed to take a couple of the raiders out before running out of ammo entirely. Clutching my baseball bat, wounded, crippled in both arms and out of stims, I turned the corner to face my attckers. I smacked the nearest one in the face, but it just seemed to piss her off, so she took the entirely logical decision of shooting the floor with the huge rocket launcher she was holding and blowing us both up.


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Re: My trip to the Capital Wasteland

Postby illMurderU » Sat Apr 23, 2011 7:15 am

trophies will reappear. if they dont , try popping in the game again , once (if?) psn comes back up. its happened to me before , no worries. i bought fallout 2 but never played it as im no pc player , id just enjoyed platting f3 too much. but you might have found me a solution if psn s not up today , thx dude.
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